Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair

Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair

If you wear your hair in the same style each time you get a haircut, you don't have to be concerned about styling. Even after you shampoo and dry your hair it will fall back into the cut style.

But if you're starting to lose your hair, that cut style may not work as well anymore because you'll want to cover the thinning areas. But how can you do that when you're not accustom to styling your own hair?

Well, if you're not allergic to synthetic wigs, that may be an option for you. A good synthetic wig has memory and thus the style will stay the same as when you purchased it. On the other hand, you'll have to know how to style a human hair wig.

Differences Between Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair

One of the main visible differences between synthetic vs human hair is that synthetic hair has an unnatural look and feel. But human hair looks natural and feels real. There's also a difference in styling, maintenance, longevity and price.

Cost, Longevity and Styling Concerns

Compared to synthetic hair, human hair is expensive. Human hair also lasts much longer than synthetic wigs or extensions. If we compare synthetic vs human hair styling options, what you can do with synthetic hair is limited.

Human hair can be styled using heat tools such as flat irons, blow dryers, curlers, etc. It is highly not advisable to use such tools on synthetic hair. Another advantage of human hair is that it is resistant to heat. Conversely, with synthetic hair you should be extra careful near fireplaces, open ovens, etc. This is because synthetic hair can be potentially dangerous as it has poor resistance to heat.


Care and maintenance of human hair is much easier than with synthetic hair. It can be dyed and shampooed whereas it may not be that easy with a synthetic hair piece. But just because you can dye human hair, doesn't mean you should do so every month. Just like your natural hair, chemicals from dye can dry out human hair, making it brittle and less vibrant.

Human hair wigs also have breathable caps and you can even run your hands through the hair. In general, synthetic wigs are made with a mono base. Although they can provide a natural appearance, they can also be very warm on your scalp because it is not ventilated.

But one great advantage to synthetic hair is that it will always keep its preset style even after being shampooed.

Choosing The Best Option For You

We make wigs in all different styles and types, so choosing a wig can be both exciting and overwhelming. Understanding the basics of synthetic wigs vs human hair wigs is key to selecting the right wig for you. You'll also feel more confident while wig shopping.


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