Types Of Natural Hair For Human Hair Wigs

Types Of Natural Hair For Human Hair Wigs

Choosing a wig requires knowing your personality and what actually looks good on you. If you're a first time wig wearer you probably focus on how natural the wig looks. How easy it is to wear and stay on head.

Although these are important criteria for selecting a wig, there are other options to consider. For example, types of natural hair for human hair wigs. So, if you're wondering what type of natural hair is best for human hair wigs, read on. If you have more questions, click here for a free consultation.

The 4 Main Types Of Natural Hair Used For Human Hair Wigs

Wigs made of human hair are really popular. Their popularity is not just due to their hyperrealist look and feel, but also how easy it is to style them. Exactly like your own hair. Of course, you need to be gentler with them, as there is no scalp!

Based on the regions the hair comes from, wigs with real hair are divided into four main types. European, Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian. But these days, we see hair types from Brazil, Peru, and some other regions as well.

Let’s see what are the features of each type hair.

European< Hair/h3>

European hair is strong and can handle shampooing and styling well. That is why it is more durable. It is also soft and has a fine hair strands. Although popular, European hair supplies are really limited and not easily available. Another potential drawback can be the red undertones. These make it difficult to match European hair with more neutral or cooler hair colors.

Hair coloring, mixing and matching textures is an area Louticia excels in. For this reason, you don't have to be concerned whether your wig hair will complement your natural hair.

Chinese Hair

Asian hair might be the most available type. Unlike European hair, Chinese hair has a thick denier. This means it is very straight and does not lend itself well to styling. In other words, if you wish to curl Chinese hair, it will not be that easy. Thick denier causes resistance to movement of the hair as well.

However, its durability is pretty good and it can survive frequent shampooing and styling. Besides, it can stand heat and chemical processes better. As the supply of this kind of hair is abundant, Chinese hair is not as expensive as European.

Indian Hair

Like Chinese hair, Indian hair is readily available. The main difference between these two types of Asian human hair wigs is in their denier. Indian hair has a finer denier, more like European hair. It is also less durable than Chinese hair when it comes to heat and chemical processes.

Indonesian Hair

Aside from being long-lasting and durable, Indonesian hair brings a natural movement of hair. So, it looks natural and beautiful. Moreover, this hair type can withstand frequent shampooing and is easy to style.

Other Types Of Natural Hair Used For Wigs

Beside the four basic types of natural hair, some other regions have become increasingly active. Some of them include:

  • Brazilian hair. Easy to style and color. There are different options for texture and wave, as well.
  • Peruvian hair. Soft, thick, and easy to style.
  • Malaysian hair. Looks silky but can be a bit heavy. It is also fine and you can style it easily.
  • Cambodian hair. Light and can endure heat and styling well.


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