What Is The Best Human Hair For A Weave?

What Is The Best Human Hair For A Weave?

The best human hair for a weave is Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian. At Louticia's Hair Essentials, we're proud to offer many additional types of human hair for weaving. This includes European, Chinese, Vietnamese, European and more. We also offer different types of hair including unprocessed hair (raw) and Remy hair. Both of these are 100% human hair, but there are differences between the two.

Although considered virgin hair, Remy hair has usually been colored or chemically treated.

On the hand, unprocessed hair still has the cuticle intact and has not been chemically processed. The hair is also usually from a single donor. Each strand of hair faces the same direction, not causing tangling.

Consequently, women are able to select the desired human hair they want us to use for their weave. Although there are many types of hair, in this article, we'll discuss four types of human hair for a weave.

Best Human Hair For A Weave

Each type of weave hair is available in various textures and patterns. For example, curly, loose wave, deep wave, straight, and body wave hair. And you can use any of these hair patterns and textures for a weave.

Albeit any time is great to wear the popular high ponytail, summertime is especially a great time. With this in mind, other popular and trendy styles include short bob, curly weave, and half up down weave.

But with so many different styles, it can be mind blowing figuring out which type of human hair to use. Are you wondering which one is the best choice for your type of hair? Here are popular types of human hair and you can choose the best one for your beauty needs.

Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair is very soft and will give your weave full body. Relaxed African American hair works best with Malaysian textured hair blends. Malaysian curly hair is the most popular though, because it holds curls well and has a nice luster.


  • Medium to high luster.
  • Silkier and softer than other hair types.
  • Holds curls perfectly.
  • Has excessive shine.
  • Shine reduces after few washes, then it takes on its natural sheen.
  • Even in humid weather, its construction is maintained.

Indian Hair

Many of our clients choose Indian Hair. Due to being widely available, Indian human hair is very popular. It's also an excellent choice long natural-looking wigs and hair extensions. For this reason, our A Diva's Hidden Hair Manufacturer often uses Indian hair to make custom lace wigs.

This type of hair also has a slight bounce to it and has very good density. Consequently, curl and style is easy as well as being versatile hair.


  • Hair can be styled to curl or straight easily.
  • Maintains an effortless bounce.
  • Does not shed easily and blends with all hair types.
  • Tangle-free and quality hair.

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian virgin hair offers versatility in styling. The hair is thick, light, and soft, thus requiring less bundles for a full body weave. Even though this hair is thick, it mixes well with most natural hair textures for beautiful results.

  • Blends especially well with relaxed hair.
  • Has a wavy, curly and straight natural state.
  • Provides a medium to low luster.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair very thick, full, and simply a phenomenal texture. Not only that, but it's also an ideal texture for African American women. Black women can even create an afro using Brazilian hair. This allows them to start their natural hair journey without altering their own hair.

  • Suits African decent hair types.
  • Has a medium to low luster.
  • It's thick and full, yet soft and durable.
  • Due to its full body, less bundles are needed.

These are just a few of the recommended human hair for your next weave. Since we manufacture our own custom wigs and hair extensions, you can literally have whatever look you desire. Book your free 30 minute consult today! The booking link takes you to our A Diva's Hidden Hair Manufacture booking system. This is automatically connected to our Uptown New York Style hair salon. So, you can book a custom wig consult and/or a salon service in one convenient place.


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