Why We Feel Good When We Look Good

Why We Feel Good When We Look Good

It's a fact that we feel good when we look good. It's almost a phycological thing. When we take the time to fix ourselves up (look good), we tend to feel good about ourself. And even have a more positive outlook.

This is not about ego here or trying to look prettier than someone else. Instead, it's about feeling put together, not disheveled, taking care of ones self. And this doesn't just apply to women. It also applies to men. After all, aren't gyms mostly filled with men buying protein powder 😉?

Obviously, there's a connection between feeling good and looking good. In fact, when you look good, you feel healthier, more confident, and powerful. Conversely, when you don't, you feel like you're in a funk.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to feel good and look good. Fix your hair and wear non baggy clothes even when you're just running to the grocers. If you wear house slippers and scarf on your head because you didn't comb your hair, you're going to feel different. Now, while you're waiting in checkout, don't you feel self-conscious? And wish you had just taken a few extra minutes to look more presentable?

Feel Good When We Look Good is About Self Love

In short, you feel good when you look good in your overall appearance. Of course, beauty is skin-deep, but self-love is powerfully important for your mental health and inspires confidence.

Loving yourself by taking care of your skin, exercising and eating well helps you feel healthier and happier. It will always be a good feeling when you have that exuberant confidence, which you achieve by looking good.

Self love and self care go hand in hand. It's not vanity, but rather finding the balance between inner and outer beauty. Taking care of yourself is the path to feeling great mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Self care regimens are extremely important for stabilizing your day as well as making you feel great. For example, simple things like getting your hair done, a facial, or exercising. These things can make you feel confident because when you look good, you also feel good.

Balance Inner and Outer Beauty

Finding that sense of balance between inner and outer beauty really allows you to take care of yourself. In addition to improving your physical appearance, learn how to find the balance in enhancing your character, mind, and personality.

Once you find this balance, it will show up in your physical appearance. Also, you can't just focus your time and energy on looking attractive all the time.

Let's go back to our grocery store scenario from above. Whether you wore your house slippers and scarf or you looked great, you'd still have a problem without balance. That is, your attitude. So, having balance means being in sync with your mind, body, and soul. Looking good and having a false sense of feeling good until someone speaks to you doesn't cut it.

This is why good mental health is so important. For this reason, when developing your inner self, do so to improve yourself. That way, your walls won't stumble down when you 'think' someone has offended you.

How to Feel Great About Yourself

Now that you know the connection between looking good and feeling good, here a few tips to get you started:

  • Be Kind to Yourself and Others
  • Smile
  • Establish Healthy Sleeping Habits
  • Pamper Yourself
  • Be Grateful
  • Consider Your Appearance Before Walking Out the Door
  • Take Care of Your Hair
  • Exercise

Remember that feeling good starts within you. Fix what’s inside to radiate happiness and positivity on the outside.


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