There are so many reasons why women wear human hair wigs. From being able to quickly change out their look to disguising thinning hair, wigs are popular.

Why Women Wear Human Hair Wigs

There are so many reasons why women wear human hair wigs. From being able to quickly change out their look to disguising thinning hair, wigs are popular.

However, not everyone likes to talk about wearing a wig. This is partially due to the myths surrounding why women shouldn't wear wigs. For instance, wigs don't look natural (true for synthetic wigs). wigs fall off (also true if it's not properly attached). And people will know you're wearing a wig (untrue for human hair wigs).

But what's funny about these myths is that people who start them have probably never worn a wig. Consequently, we feel that people who actually wear human hair wigs should have a say in this conversation.

With this in mind, here are our top 4 reasons why women wear human hair wigs.

1. Wigs Can Disguise Thinning Hair

Unfortunately, women's hair loss is more common that most people think. In fact, there are nearly 30 million American women who deal with hair loss. This is approximately 10% of all women in the U.S.

And it doesn't just affect older women either. Women of all ages experience hair loss because of weight management or even an illness. Albeit there are lots of treatments for hair loss, some work and others don't. But even with the available treatments and serums, they do not address the emotional aspect of losing your hair.

Our hair affect our emotional state as it's part of our personality. As such, a new 'do can make us feel empowered or flirty, and gives us confidence. Conversely, losing our hair feels like we've lost part of ourselves.

Wigs can cover up thinning hair so that you feel whole again.

2. You Can Change Your Hairstyle Whenever You Want

Have you noticed how your celebrities goes from a pixie cut one day to waist length hair the next? No, they don't use some miracle hair growth. Instead, they're wearing human hair wigs.

You can do that too! Particularly if you're not keen on cutting your hair short. Not only that, but wigs let you try out as many different looks as you want. And whenever you want without causing damage to your own hair.

Additionally, color and heat treatments eventually causes damage to your hair. So, try out a few different wig styles before committing to a style for your natural hair.

3. Wear Human Hair Wigs To Protect Your Natural Hair

Mousse, curling irons, blow dryers, straighteners and hairspray can all damage your hair. In essence, most of the tools we use to style our hair damage it in big or small ways. Not to mention if your hair is already thinning, damaging it even more can cause baldness.

In addition to encouraging regrowth, our human hair wigs also protects your hair underneath. Because our wigs are hand-tied and made with breathable caps, your scalp can breathe.

If you live in harsh climates, wigs can protect your hair. For example, cold places or very hot, like the desert can make your hair dry and brittle. Obviously, wigs can protect your hair from these elements.

4. Wigs Guarantee A Great Hair Day

Nothing ruins our day faster than bad hair. When you look good you feel good, inside and out. And wearing a wig practically guarantees that you will have an awesome hair day. Since our wigs are custom made with 100% human hair, you simply put it on and head out the door. Of course, you should check it in the mirror to make sure you have it on right :). Besides that, you won't have to worry if it's parted correctly or styled like you want it.


Still deciding whether wigs are the right style choice for you? Give us a call at (619) 820-0290. We're happy to help you in the decision-making process. If you already wear human hair wigs, what do you love about it? Let us know in the comments.

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