How To Maintain Your Hair Under A Wig

How To Maintain Your Hair Under A Wig

When your hairstyle looks fabulous, sometimes women forget to maintain their hair under a wig. Weaves and wigs are used as a stylish protective style whenever we want to give our natural tresses a break. Or, just to switch things up.

But a protect style can easily go the opposite route if you don't maintain your hair under a wig. Obviously, no one wants that. So, get the most out of your wig and keep your real hair healthy with these simple tips.

Maintain Your Hair Under A Wig

Wigs allow women to experiment with hairstyles. All in all, this is beneficial for those wanting to keep up with the latest hair trends. And, without having change their own hair. While this hair trend is extremely popular, you cannot forget to maintain your hair under the wig. As promised, here are the tips for wig wears on how to protect your hair.

Wear A Cap Underneath The Wig

We know you want to try those audacious summer 'dos, but first things first; grab a wig cap. As long as you're rocking your wig, make sure the cap comes with it. You want to avoid putting the wig directly onto your head or braids. Because it can pull your hair, you'll inevitably start experiencing hair loss. For ultimate protection, use a satin lined wig cap. And for weave installs, use this kind of net cap.

Regularly Shampoo and Moisturize Your Hair

It may seem obvious, but it's truly a major key. Product buildup, friction and sweat are common problems that cause issues when wearing a wig. For this reason, washing your hair with a cleansing shampoo alleviates these issues. Thus, leaving your both your scalp and hair more healthier.

Applying a conditioner will not only soothe the scalp, it also provides much needed moisture to your hair. And your hair will thank you by producing new growth.

How To Clean Your Wig Purchased From Us

  1. Thorough brush out your wig.
  2. Fill your sink with luke warm water.
  3. Shampoo the wig and rinse it out.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. Follow the same instructions to condition your wig.
  6. Use air dry method or put under a hair dryer. Make sure to dry it thoroughly.

Opt For A Wig With A Frontal or Closure

This tip is for our natural haired divas wearing wigs. Instead of apply heat to your hair to conform to the weave texture, consider wearing a closure or frontal wig. Not only will they keep your locks protected, but they're equally fashionable as a weave.

Adjust The Strap For Proper Fitting

We know you want your wig to look realistic and lay flat. But you also must give your hair the opportunity to breathe. For this reason, your strap should not be too tight as to suffocate your hair. Inevitably, you'll possibly end up with a headache.

You could also try cutting the strap and re-fitting to comfortably fit your head. Or, use bobby pins to secure the wig to your head

Remember To Take Breaks

With the ease wigs provide, it can be easy to want to wear one forever. But, DO NOT sleep in your wig. Doing so or wearing it for longer periods of time will damage your natural hair. So, for the best protective benefit, give you'll want to want the wig off from time to time.

Besides, it will need to be shampooed, condition, and general maintenance. All of this cannot, or should not be done while you're wearing it. In addition to allowing your scalp to breathe, it'll also promote hair growth.

Wigs remain one of the most fashionable ways to take a break from styling your own hair. They're also extremely useful in aiding your hair health and growth. Following these steps on how to maintain your hair under a wig, your hair and wig will benefit.


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