Protein Snacks For Healthy Hair

3 Delicious Snacks For Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair requires consistent effort. There are many things involved like using the right hair care products, good hygiene, hair maintenance, and more. What you eat also contributes to healthy, luscious hair. As they say, 'we are what we eat'.

However, the wrong kind of food can clog your pores and stunt hair growth. But the right kind of food, such as a protein-rich diet can help grow hair. Similar to how our body needs protein to function, hair needs protein for nourishment. And this includes delicious snacks for healthy hair rather than a box of chocolates.

Choosing The Best Snacks For Healthy Hair

Whether you live a busy lifestyle or you're wanting to incorporate more goodness into your diet, healthy snacks can be useful when hunger hits. But be aware that many snack foods are high in refined carbs and sugar. Not only will they leave you feeling unsatisfied, but you'll still be craving more food. The key is to make sure you're eating nutritious snacks that contain protein.

Protein is needed for the body to rebuild bones, tissues, and muscles. It's also needed for hair to strengthen it and prevent it from becoming fragile. Given these points, here are 3 delicious snacks for healthy hair that you can eat in between meals.

1. Greek Yogurt Parfait

Greek yogurt is packed with 20 g of protein, making it one of the most delicious snacks as well as ideal for healthy hair. In addition to being an excellent source of protein, it's also high in calcium, which is crucial for bone health.

To make your yogurt even more tasty and filing, make a parfait by combining mixed berries in layers on top of 1 cup of yogurt. And if you add 1/2 cup of granola, you can boost the protein by 4 g or more. However, granola also adds additional calories, so you may not want to include granola every day.

2. Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are a powerhouse of protein and amino acids. And they work brilliantly from inside the scalp. Not only do they prevent hair fall, but they also encourage new hair growth, and fight inflammation. Zinc and copper are also contained in chia seeds, which prevents thinning hair, thus supporting hair growth.

3. Salmon

Salmon contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory properties. Recent studies show that omega-3s support hair growth as well as nourishing hair. They also reduce inflammation that's sometimes associated with hair loss. Moreover, omega-3 fatty acids can make hair and skin more hydrated and healthy. So, give your hair and skin a boost by snacking on canned or baked salmon.

What To Do Next

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