Difference Between 4b and 4c Hair

Difference Between 4b and 4c Hair

Many women are unsure which natural hair type they have. And if they're on the Type 4 spectrum, questions arise about the difference between 4b and 4c hair. Albeit there are similarities between the two, they're distinct from one another in a few unique ways. And even though type 4 hair is often classified as coily hair, there are distinctions that make 4b and 4c hair slightly different due to their curl patterns.

When it comes to the differences between 4b and 4c or other types of natural hair, knowledge is power. So, before you invest in hair products, let's get started by determining your hair type. After you understand your hair pattern, you can customize your beauty routine to specifically nurture your curl type.

Distinguishing 4b and 4c Hair

So, can you tell the difference between 4b and 4c hair? It all boils down to hair strand patterns.

In order to categorize texture more accurately, Andre Walker developed a system for describing curls. In short, bone straight hair ranks as 1 and has no curls or waves whatsoever. The scale is numerically ordered to represent increased curliness (e.g. 1, 2, 3, and 4). It's also divided into subcategories (e.g. 2a, 2b, and 2c) to describe curly hair types and other hair texture types with greater accuracy.

Hair that’s categorized as a 4 represents the curliest locks. Type 4 hair is one of the most common Black hair types. However, the curlier the hair, the more difficult it is for your scalp’s natural oils to make it all the way down the hair strand. Since type 4 hair is so gorgeous and curly, it often requires more moisture to keep strands healthy using a quality shampoos, oils and conditioners.

What Is 4b Hair?

4b hair is easily distinguished by its zigzag pattern. Unlike 4a or 4c, 4b has tight “Z” shaped strands with little definition in curl shape. Often, 4b hair is fluffy and can be soft or coarse depending on hair texture.

Because of the sharp angles of the zigzag strands, 4b hair is prone to dryness as oil from the scalp has trouble traveling to the tips of the hair. Dry hair may have a tendency to break and tangle more easily. This is when a hair product such as a natural hair moisturizer or conditioner comes in.

What Is 4c Hair?

4c hair type has the tightest curl pattern of all the curly hair types. Strands are formed in tight, springy, ringlets. This hair type tends to clump more at the ends and is even more prone to shrinkage than 4b hair. Like 4b hair, a 4c hair type is also prone to dryness and requires regular moisturizing to maintain a consistent pattern and keep hair healthy.

Use Products That Enhances Your Natural Hair and Curls

No matter what hair type or curl pattern you have, the right products make all the difference for shiny, healthy hair. Louticia's Hair Essentials offers a wide range of hair products made from high-quality ingredients. Our mission is to empower all women to take care of their hair by offering high-end products at affordable prices. Choose between a wide selection of luxury conditioners, shampoos, and hair lotions specifically formulated to cater to your needs.


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