How Cranial Hair Prosthesis (Medical Wig) Benefits Alopecia and Cancer Patients

How Cranial Hair Prosthesis Benefits Cancer Patients

Losing hair is a traumatic experience for both men and women. This is why a cranial hair prosthesis (medical wig) is so invaluable. For people with partial or complete hair loss, medical wigs are an ideal way to immediately restore their beauty.

Many people also wear wigs to simply look gorgeous or flaunt a variety of hairstyles. But the construction of a medical wig is different from a regular wig's construction. As such, a medical wig serves a different purpose for those who need to wear one.

In this article, we'll discuss what a cranial hair prosthesis (medical wig) is. We'll also talk about the benefits they bring to cancer and other patients.

What is a Cranial Hair Prosthesis?

A cranial hair prosthesis is a wig specifically designed for patients who lose their hair due to cancer treatments. It's also for alopecia and other medical conditions that causes hair loss. There are many medical conditions that lead to severe or moderate hair loss in men and women. For this reason, medical wigs are meticulously crafted by experts in a way which doesn't irritate the scalp.

These specialized wigs are designed from 100% human hair. Of course, you can also request that synthetic hair is used instead, but human hair is best. Comparatively, medical wigs have a very natural look as opposed to other wigs. As a result, prosthetic wigs are an ideal match for patients' own skin tone and hair.

The construction is also high quality in comparison to wigs available at a wig store. So, medical wigs not only conceal hair loss, but also offer patients the utmost security and comfort.

Doctors often prescribe medical human hair wigs for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. They're also prescribed for other serious medical illnesses and treatment. Moreover, most health insurance plans pay for the cost of these wigs.

Medical Wigs vs Fashion Wigs

There's a huge difference between the construction of a medical wig and a fashion wig. Generally speaking, you can easily find a variety of fashion wigs at a nearby wig store. But medical wigs are designed in a unique way using construction materials of the highest quality.

Men and women who undergo cancer treatments experience hair loss. Unfortunately, this is one of the many side effects of the cancer medication. Some women view their hair loss as a sign of getting treated while others lose their self-esteem. It happens to many people and you should not be embarrassed that this is happening to you.

If you are a cancer patient, our medical wigs will boost your self-esteem and confidence. Our cranial hair prostheses can be made for you in a wide range of features. And you can always choose a pre-made one which suits your own style, preferences, and hair color.

Black 14 inch Chinese Hair Cranial Hair Prosthesis Wig Ruby Red 14 inch Indian Hair Cranial Hair Prosthesis 12 inch Blonde Brown Highlights Cranial Hair Prosthesis Wig


At Louticia's Hair Essentials, we offer superior quality cranial hair prosthesis wigs. In addition, 100% unprocessed human hair is used and they're made by Master Wig Maker, Louticia Grier. Our professional hair loss specialists will take your measurement. Then, design a beautiful custom wig precisely to your specifications.

Benefits of a Cranial Hair Prosthesis

Wigs can definitely improve the quality of life for patients with severe alopecia areata. Alopecia patients wear wigs not just for fashion, but the wigs for them are a life necessity.

Some of the key benefits of medical wigs include:

  • Invisible. Because the front of a medical wig is made from a special kind of material, it's near impossible to detect. So, patients who wear such wigs can feel confident that people will not be able to notice they're wearing a wig.
  • Easy To maintain. With tips provided by our hair loss specialist, you'll be able to easily maintain your wig. And the most important things to remember is to use the right type of products and stying tools. Proper care will keep your medical wigs in optimal condition for a long time.
  • Breathable. The stretch net on the sides and crown of a medical wigs makes the entire wig breathable. Patients with chemotherapy-induced hair loss and other scalp complexities, require comfort while wearing prosthetic wigs. With this in mind, the materials used in the wig is soft as well as breathable for utmost comfort.
  • Positive Effects On Patients. These types of wigs will not only make you feel good, but they'll also boost your self-esteem. Although medical wigs are not known for cosmetic effects, they look fantastic! Additionally, patients wear prosthetic wigs experience a positive psychological effect and enjoy life as they did before.
  • Natural Looking. The natural appearance is one of the key benefits of a medical wig. Skilled wig makers craft the hair prosthesis in a way that it looks like your own hair is growing from your scalp. Furthermore, the knotted hair is sewn into the wig cap with great effort and skill.


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