Protect Your Scalp Before Bleaching Treatment

Protect Your Scalp Before Bleaching Treatment

It can never be overstated why you should protect your scalp before bleaching your hair. In fact, one of the major causes of hair loss is bleaching hair every 4-6 weeks. Some women are even put under the dryer to boost the bleaching process! What??

Have you ever gotten bleach on your finger and tried to get it off only to discover that you couldn’t? That's because in just a few minutes it's gotten underneath your skin. Now, just imagine someone putting you under the dryer with foil and high intense volume of peroxide and bleach on your hair. Just reading this, you can probably feel the chemicals penetrating into your scalp.

How To Protect Your Scalp Before Getting Bleaching Treatment

After getting a bleaching treatment, some women experience burning and itching. The scalp has been left to its own devises fighting off the side effects of this treatment. Obviously, this should never be the case.

Instead, before any hair chemical treatment, the scalp should be based with a scalp protection base. It is particularly important to protect your scalp before getting a bleaching treatment. Doing so help prevent scalp burns and fight inflammation.

Here are the ideal products that will protect your scalp before getting a bleaching treatment:

Scalp Base Protection
Scalp Ease
Scalp Protection Shampoo
Scalp Protection Conditioner

  1. Scalp Base Protection. Apply it before relaxer or color treatment. It prevents scalp burns, chronic soreness, overlapping, and scalp trauma.
  2. >Scalp Ease. A natural healing product. Reduces scalp inflammation, heals dry scalp, and stops scalp itching and burning.
  3. Scalp Protection Shampoo. Best pH shampoo. Washes away chemical residue, softens the hair cuticle layer.
  4. Scalp Protection Conditioner. Ideal for African American hair. Strengthens the hair, adds luster to dull dry hair.

Why Use A Scalp Base Protection

Healthy hair can only grown from a healthy scalp. Since chemicals are easily absorbed into the scalp, they can damage the quality of new hair growth. Or prevent new hair growth due to chemical burns. As a result, permanent hair loss to certain follicles occurs.

This is just one of the many reasons why using a scalp protection product is so important. In addition to preventing chemical burns, a base also acts as a barrier between your skin and the chemical. When bleaching your hair, if bleach gets on your skin, it will cause a chemical burn.


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