Why Chemo Hats With Hair Attached Are So Popular

Why Chemo Hats With Hair Attached Are So Popular

Chemo hats with hair attached are especially practical for women undergoing chemotherapy. Because your skin is already sensitive, our chemo hats with hair attached provides sun protection from the UV rays. With this in mind, fall and winter are not the only seasons with challenges for those with hair loss.

However, hair loss and wearing a wig doesn't need to be challenging, even with California's hot climate. Additionally, it's socially acceptable to wear hats most of the year. And even people with hair are wearing hats indoors, especially casually.

Not only do these wig hats have a practical use, but they're also very fashionable. In addition to a finished look in minutes, our chemo hats with hair attached are gorgeously designed and lightweight. Some of them even have cute embellishments such a small fabric flowers.

And the hair? Well, you look like you just step out of the salon chair, yet it took you less than 5 minutes. And the quality of our wig hats is outstanding. Made with 100% human hair, it looks healthy and very natural.

Chemo Hats With Hair Attached For Cancer Patients

Wig hats are ideal for women with hair loss. Since hair loss is due to chemotherapy, alopecia, and other medical conditions, our wig hats are scalp-conscious. Even the part of the hat that sits on your head is made with comfortable, soft material.

Store bought wigs can be uncomfortable and itchy. But our chemo hats with hair attached are design with comfort in mind. Not to mention, the ease of being able to put it on and go. And the best thing of all is that there are no more bad hair days. Not only that, but you can easily transform your look as often as you like. Our wig hats can be worn over your own hair, or if you have no hair at all.

What To Look For In Wig Hats During Chemo Treatments

Here's what to look for when choosing a wig hat to wear when you've lost all or some of your hair:

  1. Full Coverage. Some people with hair loss prefer more extensive head coverings. For instance, wig hats that cover the nape of the neck, ears, and whole hairline. Headwear with this level of coverage hides hair loss and offers protection from the sun and cold air. If you look through your closet, you may find that hats you own don't offer enough coverage. But Louticia's Hair Essentials wig hats provide full coverage. In addition to that, they are fashion hats versus the standard old baseball caps. And the attached hair is 100% human hair with many different textures, colors, and lengths to choose from.
  2. Suits Your Personal Style. Obviously, choosing wig hats hat coordinate with your wardrobe and taste, will make feel more attractive. For this reason, you should ask yourself at least one questions. 'Would I feel good wearing this hat if I didn't have hair loss?'. This is what makes our chemo hats with hair so unique. First of all, they are handmade by Master Wig Maker Louticia Grier. Secondly, they are fashionable hats, not just common baseball caps. And third, you can choose the length, color, and hair texture that you desire.
  3. Secure Fit and Comfort. For the most part, you scalp may be irritated or sensitive when you're loosing your hair due to treatment. For this reason, look for headwear that is made from breathable, soft fabric. While some people wear liner inside their wig or hat to keep it in place, that's not necessary with our hats. Not only are our chemo hats with hair lightweight, but they're also breathable. And, they fit securely to your head, but not too tight.

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