Women's Hair Replacement Solutions

Women's Hair Replacement Solutions

Our women's hair replacement solutions include custom made and pre-made hair systems. Custom hair systems requires 10-12 weeks to make and pre-made's can be delivered within 7 days. Base sizes range from top of head to 3/4 cap to full head wigs.

Custom women's hair replacement solutions take the fear out of feeling that your hair thinning is the end of the word. Albeit for those in the midst of it all, it is. Whether you're a 20 year old man, or a 40 year old woman, losing your hair seems unfair. But with Louticia Grier's hair loss solutions, you will have plenty of options.

Women's Hair Replacement Solutions by Louticia Grier

Women's hair replacement is a hair loss solution available for those wanting a long-lasting solution. An alternative to hair restoration surgery. At Louticia's Hair Essentials, we specialize in custom hair replacement systems. Whatever your hair issue, we are committed to uncovering the root cause and help you regain your confidence!

Designed to cover areas of the scalp affected by hair loss, our women's hair replacement solutions are affordable. From hair toppers to human hair wigs to custom hair systems, our products are made with 100% human hair.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Women’s non-surgical hair replacement are systems designed to focus on top of the head, receding hairline, or other areas affected by hair loss. You’ll be provided with a perfectly natural front hairline and age appropriate density. The scalp will appear normal and visible when the hair is parted. Using 100% human hair, we’ll match your natural hair, color, texture, and curl. The hair is integrated perfectly to give you a natural look and feel.

We also use 100% human hair for men’s non-surgical hair replacement. A membrane is applied to the system’s scalp to fill it with natural hair. These unique hair systems are made of micro-thin artificial, breathable skin. The entire system is gently bonded to the bald scalp. The hairline is invisible at the front. There are three attachment methods used widely; tape, clips and glue. These are all medically recommended.

How does non-surgical hair replacement work? This state of the art hair loss solution is designed to provide a seamless transition between your own hair and added hair. It is capable of replacing hair in any area of the scalp, recreating a completely natural hairline and look. Today’s replacement systems are breathable, feather light, cool, and totally natural to the eye and touch.

For custom orders, call (619) 820-0290 or contact us online.


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